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False eyelashes become more and more popular with every passing day, as women all over the world admire their efficiency. They can make a whole look on their own, without the use of any other makeup products, and you can apply them in just a manner of minutes. There are also many types and designs available, so everybody can find something that suits them. However, while false eyelashes don’t require any other makeup to pull off, there are a couple of products that you will want to use with them – cleansers and primers. These two are the necessary accessories which every woman who wears false lashes will want to keep in her purse. The first one, lash cleanser, is used to clean the area around your eyelids, as well as your eyelashes, before you begin the application of false lashes. Even though this might seem optional, we recommend you always wash your lashes with a quality cleanser, in order to get rid of any dust or other particles, and so that the eyelash glue holds on better.

What is an eyelash primer?

The eyelash primer, similarly to the cleanser, is used before the application, as a foundation. The primer makes the lash adhesive more effective, allowing the synthetic eyelashes to better grip to your natural ones. The primer also extends the time eyelash glue holds and makes it more durable, allowing you to enjoy your perfect lashes for an extended amount of time. The primer and the cleanser work best together, making your eyelashes look beautiful and helping them hold on for longer.

Cleanser – how and why?

Sometimes people think that cleansing the area around your eyes with a face cleaner is enough before the application of false lashes. While removing your previous makeup and cleaning your face is also important before applying false lashes, you also need to remember to clean your natural lashes. Just as we wash our hair, our lashes need to be taken care of before we put on the artificial ones. The cleanser is a perfect product for taking care of your lashes, with a proven positive impact on both the length and volume of our eyelashes. It also allows the primer and eyelash glue to settle better, as it smooths out and softens the surface of your eyelashes. 

Noble Lashes – leader in eyelash cosmetics

At Noble Lashes we provide high-quality cleansers, perfected to work wonders for your eyelashes while staying safe to your skin. In our cleansers, you will be able to find the arachidonic acid, which makes your natural eyelashes much softer, and, in turn, more appealing. The mixture helps wash out anything that you don't want on your eyelashes and leaves them ready for the primer and application. We also provide the cleansers in various sizes and forms, which include the basic liquid eyelash cleanser, but also the eyelash foam cleanser.

Do I need a primer?

While the primer is not as necessary as the cleanser, it extends the time your eyelashes look fresh and gorgeous, which is especially useful if you're planning to use them for longer than just a couple of hours. The primer bonds with the lash adhesive, making your false eyelashes much more durable, which is an effect always desired. Every professional stylist keeps a bottle of primer at hand, as with a product of good quality and proper application, false eyelashes may hold on for as long as ten weeks! If you just need false lashes for a couple of hours for a special occasion, the primer will help them hold on much better, allowing you to fully enjoy yourself without having to worry about your lashes flying off.

What kinds of primers can I find at Noble Lashes?

The primers produced by Noble Lashes are created with care to extend their time of use. The primer can be used as the perfect foundation laid underneath your false eyelashes, increasing both grip and durability. We guarantee the quality of our products, as we try to cater to the needs and wishes of our customers, both individual and professional. You can find both small quantities of products at our online shop, dedicated to customers who need them for private use and makeup products in bulk for beauty salons. We also provide a wide variety of other items and services, including starter kits and advertising products, which you can use to promote your business better! 

The composition of our cleansers

Here at Noble Lashes we make our products safe to use and up to any required regulations, all the while maintaining the best quality. Our products are meant for both beginner and professional use, allowing makeup enthusiasts to enjoy excellence. The cleansers we produce are made primarily with water, with the addition of alcohol, the arachidonic acid, and finally binary silicon-hydrogen compounds. The alcohol helps the water evaporate, along with any unwanted grease, leaving your lashes clean, dry, and ready for the application of other products. The arachidonic acid makes your lashes soft and healthy, and makes the product perfect for every-day use as general care. We provide a variety of types of cleansers, including the Strawberry Lash Cleanser, Bio Eyelash Cleansing Foam, and standard bio lash cleanser with rose or rosemary. To use with the cleanser, we recommend the use of our bio micellar make-up remover, great for getting traces of makeup off your face before the application of synthetic eyelashes.  

And what are your primers made out of?

When it comes to our primers, Noble Lashes provides the perfect foundation solution to apply to your lashes before wearing false eyelashes. Our primer holds on for days, creating a strong bond with the eyelash adhesive which will allow you to move your head as much as you want without having to worry about losing an eyelash in the process. Thanks to the use of the highest quality materials, our brand provides excellent results, as our primers keep holding on, but are still easy to remove with the cleanser. Similarly to the cleanser, our primer is mainly composed of water, with the addition of PVP and ethanol. The polyvinylpyrrolidone, also called polyvidone or simply PVP, covers your lashes with a polymer layer, which bonds with the eyelash adhesive when applied. Finally, ethanol allows PVP to dissolve and better cover your eyelashes.

Other accessories

Apart from cleansers and primers, there is a whole range of accessories and products to use with false eyelashes, including makeup removers, tweezers, and more. Noble Lashes is the manufacturer of a wide variety of high-quality beauty products, perfect for professional uses in salons, but also great for individual customers. If you are just beginning your journey with cosmetics and stylizing, our products will give you the professionalism you deserve. With whole starter kits, disinfection accessories, microblading appliances, and cosmetic lamps, at Noble Lashes you will find everything your salon may need. For beauty salons, we also provide a collection of magazines and publications, perfect for displaying at the waiting room of your salon. To get a better grip on your customers, we also deliver a number of promotional materials, including posters, pamphlets, questionnaires, and more. If you can’t find something on our website, we encourage you to contact us directly.

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