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More and more stylists decide to add artificial eyelashes to their offer, as women around the world are becoming more daring when it comes to their stylizations with every year. A few years ago, even modest 1:1 eyelash extensions were considered scandalous. Nowadays, women decide to add more and more artificial eyelashes to their natural ones, further increasing the volume and creating daring effects. Even though most women still prefer to have a natural look, which works most realistically with 1:1 eyelash extensions, many decide to add more flair to their eyes by trying out new application methods and innovative eyelash types. One of such types of eyelash extensions are colored eyelashes, which are a fancier choice than regular eyelashes. At Noble Lashes, you will find a varied selection of colored lashes, with a whole range of colours to choose from!

Colored eyelashes – the perfect choice for special occasions 

If you want your stylisation to take people’s breath away without having to spend hours in front of a mirror and spending enormous amounts of money at a stylist’s, colored eyelash extensions might be just what you’re looking for. These gorgeous eyelash extensions come in non-standard colours, in contrast to the regular black eyelashes you will usually find on the market. While the standard, black lashes can still be used to create stunning makeovers, colored lash extensions will allow you to take your makeup to the next level. Noble Lashes features a variety of colours, with which you will be able to perfectly match your look to your style and mood. Moreover, with different colours of eyelash extensions, you will be able to choose a different one for every type of event you’re preparing for. Even if you don’t want to wear colored eyelashes every single day, they provide a great way to break away from your usual look once in a while. 

High quality guaranteed – color eyelashes at Noble Lashes

Whether you’re a professional beauty salon owner or a beginner stylist, you will want to keep the quality of your service as high as possible to make your clients happy. To achieve the best results, you will need supplies of the best quality available on the market. Professional supplies will allow you to build the renown of your brand. As you continue to provide great service, your customers will spread the rumours to their close ones, in turn increasing your client base. Noble Lashes provides some of the highest-grade cosmetic supplies available, catering to professional beauty salons around Europe. If you’re a beginner beautician, don’t worry – we have prepared our offer with you in mind too! Our starter kits and training accessories will allow you to begin your journey as a stylist in no time, supplying you with everything you might need to properly provide eyelash extension treatments to your clients. Apart from colored eyelash extensions, you will find a whole variety of standard artificial eyelashes to choose from.

What types of colored lashes are available?

At Noble Lashes, you will find a wide variety of types and colours of our colored lash extensions. With such a vibrant selection, you will be able to choose the perfect colour for every occasion. Currently in our stockpile, you will find white lashes, silver lashes, green lashes, pink lashes, red lashes, wine-coloured lashes, ocean blue lashes, hot pink lashes, malachite lashes, blond lashes, purple lashes, yellow lashes, dark blue lashes, and light blue lashes. All of the available colours of eyelash extensions have been crafted with exactly the same level of care and attention to detail, giving you a premium product that suits the needs of even the most renowned beauty salons out there. Our colored eyelashes look as close to natural lashes as possible, without the use of animal fur. In the past, producers of eyelashes made use of mink fur, which exploited those poor animals and put their lives and habitats at risk. Nowadays, we have the means to produce high-quality eyelashes with the use if only synthetic ingredients, maintaining their softness and shine without straining our environment. At Noble Lashes, you will find only synthetic-made lashes – we care about animals and want to spread the message to stop cruelty!

Unique makeovers made using Ombre Eyelashes and Fluorescent Eyelashes

Sometimes, your clients will want you to prepare for them a truly stunning makeover, meant for a special event like a once in a lifetime party or a wedding reception. For such occasions, your clients will want to be the person that stands out from the crowd. To achieve that, you will need some special types of colored eyelash extensions, created specifically with that in mind. Our Fluorescent Eyelashes are the newest addition to our collection, perfect for parties that take place in the dark. These eyelashes will glow in the dark in different colours, with yellow, pink, and light blue currently available. We continuously expand our offer, so make sure to check frequently for the newest additions. Another type of spectacular eyelash extensions is Ombre Eyelashes, which mimic the ombre hairstyles by blending two colours. The base of our Ombre Eyelashes is black, just like other standard lashes, but it transfers to a different colour towards the end. You can choose between Black-Pink and Black-Purple Ombre Eyelashes, depending on your client’s preference.

Choose between different curl types

Just like our other types of eyelash extensions, you will be able to find our colored eyelashes in a variety of curl types, in addition to different colours. The colored lashes come in a handy palette in a mixture of lengths, allowing you to better cater the treatment to a specific client. Some women have naturally long eyelashes and for them, shorter lashes will work better, as the longer ones could accidentally create a comedic effect. However, if your client has short natural lashes, if you want to properly highlight them, you will have to apply longer ones. Moreover, you can mix the lengths of eyelashes used on one client to further improve the effect. All the colours of eyelashes at Noble Lashes are available in two curl types – B and C types. The B curl provides a more natural effect, gently uplifting the eyelashes and creating a horizontally-angled effect. The C curl, on the other hand, gives more of a high-class effect that adds a bit of a downward sloping effect to your client’s lashes.

Premium cosmetic supplies at Noble Lashes

Apart from various types of eyelash extensions that you will be able to find at Noble Lashes, we provide a large selection of quality beauty supplies, including accessories and tools used by professional stylists. You can also find a range of cleansers, primers, and removers, which are the necessary additions to every beauty salon that deals with eyelash extensions. For beginners, we have prepared a wide choice of starter kits and training supplies, in addition to cosmetic cases and various promotional materials.

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