Cosmetic cases

Whether you’re a professional stylist, a beginner beauty technician, or a home-grown makeup artist, you probably know the struggle of finding a place for all of your beauty products. As your collection gets larger and larger and your old boxes get too full, it might be a good idea to find a good replacement, which will allow you to store larger amounts of cosmetics in a convenient compartment. For that purpose, cosmetic cases are the perfect solution. They do not take much space, yet they do provide a lot of storage, which can be used to store all of your beauty products. Noble Lashes offers a wide selection of quality cosmetic cases. Our cases come in a variety of sizes, colours, and designs – browse through the vast offer and pick something that completely meets your tastes!

The benefits of cosmetic cases

If you’re not sure whether it’s worth it or not to get one of our spacious cosmetic cases, let us convince you of its numerous advantages. First of all, the cases provide a very efficient storage solution. The cases act as a closed-off space in which your cosmetics won’t get dusty, and they also do not take much space when closed, yet hold many smaller compartments inside. The compartments prove extremely useful, as they are great for keeping all of your beauty products properly sorted. Cosmetic cases can also be easily moved around when closed, giving you the comfort of mobile cosmetic storage. At Noble Lashes, we provide a choice of storage cases for cosmetics, all of which offer a space-efficient solution for individual clients as well as professional stylists and beauty salon owners.

Travel made easy with cosmetic cases

While cosmetic cases prove to be great additions to any home vanity or a beauty centre, they can also come in handy during travel. The space inside of the cosmetic case is filled with a number of pockets and compartments, which allows you to organize your beauty products and sort them according to type. While inside of the case, they won’t move around, as they would in a simple bag. You can rest assured that when you unpack your case after travel, none of your beauty products will be mixed with each other. Smaller cosmetic cases can be easily packed inside of a suitcase, but Noble Lashes provides a wide selection of different case types, some of which are mobile on their own and act as a separate suitcase.

Do I need a cosmetic case?

Even if your own makeup collection is on the smaller size as of now, you never know when you’re going to want to expand it. If a beauty product catches your eye and you want to try it out, you will need the space to store it. Cosmetic cases give you plenty of space for your cosmetics and allow you to un-clatter your bathroom from beauty products placed all over the place. Cases can be used as organizers that keep all of your makeup in one place, all sorted and easy to search through. Moreover, you can browse through a selection of types and colours of cases to pick the one that truly fits your needs. Noble Lashes provides a choice of affordable cosmetic cases, available at various price points. 

What type of a cosmetic case do I need?

It all depends on what you will use it for. If you’re planning to travel a lot, we recommend a smaller cosmetic case, which you can easily fit inside of a suitcase to make it easier to carry around and minimize flight ticket costs. However, if you need to take a lot of beauty products with you on your trip, Noble Lashes provides a sizable cosmetic case trolley on wheels with a handle, which is easy to move around, yet still holds a lot of space. The trolley is also a great choice if you’re a mobile beautician, as it allows you to bring all of your tools and products with you in one handy suitcase, instead of dozens of smaller boxes. If you’re a stationary beautician, who owns a beauty salon, a cosmetic case trolley will come in useful too, as it keeps all of its contents organized and close at hand during treatment. Larger non-moving cosmetic cases are also available at Noble Lashes if you need a sizable amount of storage space for a lot of cosmetics to keep in one spot.

Noble Lashes – quality cosmetic case providers

Here at Noble Lashes, we provide an arrangement of high-quality cosmetic cases, crafted with care to provide you with a reliable storage solution for beginner and advanced stylists alike. The cosmetic cases sold at our online store will allow you to easily pair your cosmetics together, as they are designed to include several smaller cases inside, perfect for organizing your belongings. In our offer, you can find solutions for both stationary beauty salon owners, mobile beauticians, and individual makeup artists, who just need a handy place to store their private cosmetics. For salon owners, it is extremely important to keep your tools and products tidy, as it creates a clean, professional atmosphere in which the customer will feel comfortable during their treatment. If you let your tools just lay around, your customers will not want to come back, as it can look pretty unprofessional.

More than just cosmetic cases

Noble Lashes is a producer and supplier of a whole range of quality beauty products, not limited to just cosmetic cases. We extend our offer to both individual clients and business owners, as all of our products have been catered for professional use. Noble Lashes is an established brand of high-quality cosmetics, which develops beautiful false eyelashes in a variety of types, lengths, and colours. Our offer includes both strip and individual lashes, allowing you the choice of your preferred application method. To help with the process of applying false lashes, we also provide a great selection of cleansers, primers, removers, tweezers, and other application accessories. For professional beauticians and mobile stylists, we also provide cosmetic lamps and permanent makeup, including eyebrow microblading. Henna tinting can also be done by individuals at home, as it is safe, doesn’t drip into your eye, and does not stain your skin.

Promotional materials and courses

Apart from beauty products, Noble Lashes provides a number of promotional materials, such as posters or pamphlets with information about available treatments. We also provide various types of questionnaires intended for beauticians to interview their clients before certain procedures, including eyelash extension, lifting, and laminating. Apart from promotional materials, Noble Lashes conducts a number of professional courses in beauty arts, during which you will be able to learn techniques and skills connected to stylising, and even get your own licence to perform treatments such as microblading. If you want to continue developing yourself as a beautician, our experienced instructors will teach you everything there is to know about makeup and beauty treatments. Finally, we also provide a selection of publications, from which you can find out more about the beauty world if you’re a beginner, or display at your waiting room if you’re a professional business owner.

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