Disinfection and personal protective equipment

If you’re thinking of opening your own beauty salon, safety and sanitation are the two most important things you will need to provide for your clients. The cleanliness and precautions you take before, during, and after treatments will prove to your clients that you take your business seriously and really care for their well-being. Your clients will also be more prone to visit you again if they feel they’re in good hands and their procedures are being done in a safe and controlled environment.  Noble Lashes is a supplier of some of the most effective disinfection products on the market, which are used to keep yourself, your clients, and your home or workplace clean and germ-free. Our sanitation products are made with care and attention to detail, creating a high-quality product that will efficiently allow you to sanitize your body and surroundings. We want to invite you to browse the offer of our store, which also includes many more beauty products.

The importance of disinfection

To keep both you and your clients safe, you must regularly disinfect your workplace, as well as the tools you use and your hands. You will also need to clean the body parts of your clients that you will be working with, killing any germs that might induce infection. It is one of the most important routines you will need to go through as a stylist. Every customer that visits you will keep a keen eye on your salon, making sure that everything is in order and in accordance with health regulations. Your clients deserve to feel comfortable during their treatment, enjoying themselves as you work to improve their glamour. Nobody should be put under the stress of being treated with unsanitary tools or in a dirty environment. Not only will those clients not enjoy their visit and probably won't visit you again, but you might even harm them if you don't pay attention to safety. Even such simple procedures as an eyelash extension treatment require constant care and proper precautions. Always remember that the safety of you and your clients are of the utmost importance.

The dangers of neglecting disinfection

It isn’t without reason that law carefully regulates safety precautions and requirements that your salon needs to meet in order to be open to clients. The dangers of improper handling of disinfection are serious and you should use all means available to avoid them. We all transmit various types of bacteria on our skin, many of which can prove dangerous to other people. If you don’t properly sanitize your equipment and surfaces, you are putting your clients’ health in danger. It may be just a simple skin irritation, but sometimes an infection can lead to severe illness. Both you and your clients can be also in danger of contracting a fungal infection, or parasites such as lice. Not disinfecting your salon, and by extension not adhering to the health regulations, may also lead to severe fines and revoking of your license. Make sure to acknowledge yourself with all the procedures and requirements well, as you will be required to follow them very strictly.

Do I also need to disinfect everything at home?

Absolutely yes! Even if you’re not a professional stylist and are just putting makeup on yourself, maintaining your tools in good condition and disinfection of your hands will help you keep safe. Keeping your tools clean and disinfected will also make applying makeup more comfortable, as proper maintenance of the tools will allow them to remain in good condition for longer. Even though infections are much more likely to happen at a beauty salon than at your home, it is still a very real possibility and you should do whatever necessary to avoid the needless risk. You will be much more at peace with your daily beauty routines knowing that you have nothing to worry about.

Keeping your hands sanitized

One of the most important aspects of disinfection is keeping your hands sanitized, as it is a basic yet very efficient way of preventing the spread of germs, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other. More than a thousand bacteria are living on every square centimetre of your hands at any given moment, with some parts of them holding even up to 2,000 at a time. A professional hand sanitizer will allow you to keep your skin clean of any germs, much more efficiently than regular soap would. Noble Lashes provides the highest quality hand disinfection products, which will help you keep your skin free of bacteria. We recommend our Liquid for Skin and Hands Disinfection, catered with the intent for professional use. The sanitizer liquid comes in a bottle with a capacity of 250 millilitres, and is fitted with an active component which kills bacteria and viruses that might be on your hands.

How to properly disinfect my tools?

Dirty tools are the second most common cause of germs spreading at a beauty salon. To keep both yourself and your clients safe, your tools will need to be disinfected after every use. Noble Lashes offers some of the highest quality disinfection products available, with which your tools will be always kept in pristine condition. For efficient tool disinfection, we recommend using our disinfection wipes, which come in boxes of a hundred pieces each, available at a very affordable price. You should also keep close attention to the cleanliness of the surfaces at your salon, they too may contain various germs. Our disinfection spray, intended for use with all surfaces, comes in perfectly. The spray effectively gets rid of germs and does not contain aldehydes, phenols, or ethanol. It is also perfectly viable for tools and surfaces and comes in two variations – odourless and scented.

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Noble Lashes produces and supplies a wide collection of premium-quality beauty articles. After you have taken care of the sanitation needs of your home vanity cabinet or your beauty salon, check the rest of the offer, which includes a wide variety of eyelashes, both in strips and individual. We are happy to supply businesses, as well as at-home stylists. To cater to all of our customers, we provide our products in bulk quantities, as well as in packages of smaller amounts, perfect for women who want to cater to their beauty at home. Among our products, you will find such categories as eyelash extension, colour eyelashes, cleansers, primers, removers, tweezers, microblading equipment, henna tinting dyes and accessories, and many more care products.

Professional training courses at Noble Lashes

Here at Noble Lashes, our skilled employees, with years of experience in the field, can teach you on a variety of topics connected to beauty and cosmetics. To provide certain treatments at your beauty salon, you will need the theoretical knowledge and practical skills, as well as a permit to perform the treatments on your clients. You will also learn everything about proper safety recommendations and work environment requirements. Moreover, many courses include training on the range of colours, as well as how to choose, mix, and analyse them together.

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