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False eyelashes and makeup are great whenever you want to spice up your image before a big event, like a party or a family reunion. However, not always do you have time to put on sophisticated makeup, which can take hours. Even applying false lashes takes some time, even if only a couple of minutes, and you can’t always spare that. There is an alternative to this, nonetheless. Permanent makeup will give you a new, unique look without having to re-do it every time you’re going out. All you need is a single visit to a beauty salon and a treatment of eyebrow microblading, which can be easily done with the products we offer. Noble Lashes offers a variety of microblading products, including mascara wands, applicators, pigment rings, microblading blades, and more. Whether you’re a professional salon-owner or a door-to-door specialist, the products developed by Noble Lashes will allow you to do your work in comfort, without having to worry about the quality.

What is microblading?

While a lot of people have heard a thing or two about microblading already, not many of them know how the treatment looks like. Eyebrow microblading is the perfect solution to irregular or too thin eyebrows, allowing you to semi-permanently enhance your look without having to stress over it every time you need to be the most glamorous version of yourself. Microblading is also much longer-lasting than henna, allowing you to enjoy your perfect permanent makeup without having to go back to the beauty salon every couple of months. When done properly and with skill, eyebrow microblading can last as long as eighteen months. However, take into consideration that the type of your skin plays a huge role in determining how long the permanent makeup will hold. If your skin is oily, eyebrow microblading tends to last a little shorter, usually around a year. However, if you have regular skin, it can last way longer than that! We recommend reading through our professional pamphlets, which are intended to educate the clients about the eyebrow microblading procedure.

What is the microblading treatment about?

Eyebrow microblading is done with the use of microblading blades, all types of which you can find in our store. Permanent eyebrows are done by making tiny incisions on the skin underneath your brows. After that, pigment is injected underneath the skin, similarly to the way tattoos are done, but much safer and not permanent. If you’re a stylist yourself and are looking for a way to get into eyebrow microblading business, our offer is filled with tools and accessories required to make the permanent, professional eyebrow makeup. 

What types of microblading products does Noble Lashes provide?

Apart from a number of microblading blades types, including Microblading Blades Flex and Microblading Blades Gold, at Noble Lashes you will be able to find the best quality templates for styling eyebrows, as well as microblading practice skins, which will allow you to hone your skills on artificial skin before you move onto real humans. If you’re feeling that a simple practice sheet is not enough, browse through our collection of 3-D Eyebrow and Eyeliner Practice Pads, which mimic the human face even better. We also offer Anaesthetic Pads, which are applied before the treatment to make it painless and sanitary. If you already own the necessary tools for eyebrow microblading, we offer replaceable microblading pens, pigments, blades, and brow hair extensions (both straight and natural).

Can I afford microblading?

If you're a stylist who's considering getting into microblading but are not sure whether or not you can afford it – there is nothing to worry! Eyebrow microblading is a very affordable treatment, both for stylists and clients. If you're new to microblading and want to start practising it, we recommend looking at our Microblading Starter Kit, which includes every accessory necessary to do the procedure. In the starter kit, you will find three pigments, a high-quality double-sided microblading pen, an eyebrow symmetry measure, a black semi-permanent pencil, five microblading blades, a pair of slant tweezers, and eyebrow tinkle. You can choose the colours of the pigments on your own from our company’s colour range, which includes black, black-brown, dark ash brown, light brown, skin, taupe, and grey. The starter kit is very affordable and composed of the best quality products from Noble Lashes, ideal for both professional stylists with years of experience, as well as those only just beginning their stylising journey. 

How can I get better at microblading?

If you're new to microblading, make sure you practise on a Makeup Training Mannequin Head, which you can find at Noble Lashes, or other practice equipment like patterns and training skins before you move onto your clients. Keep practising until your technique is seamless to make your customers happy with the service. After every treatment, we recommend applying our quality Regenerating Cream with Vitamin A and D, which helps remove skin irritations which are common after the procedure. We also provide a whole range of other makeup appliances, such as symmetry measures, semi-permanent brow pencils, and some of the best mascara wands available on the market.

Is microblading for everyone?

While eyebrow microblading is a safe and sanitary treatment, there are some contraindications, as with every beauty product. Long-lasting skin diseases may prevent you from being able to undergo permanent makeup treatment. Psoriasis or atopic dermatitis are some of the contraindications. You also won't be able to enjoy eyebrow microblading if you're suffering from skin infections, both fungal and bacterial. It is also highly advised not to treat pregnant women, as well as clients suffering from HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C. Always make sure to conduct a medical interview with your client. Noble Lashes also provides carefully designed microblading pamphlets, which provide information about the treatment as well as describe the contraindications. Educating your clients is a very important step in being a professional stylist, and pamphlets and special questionnaires will help you achieve that. 

Do I need any qualifications to perform microblading?

Yes. To even begin performing eyebrow microblading on your clients, you will need to pass through a preparatory course, which will teach you everything there is to know about microblading. Permanent makeup requires a lot of skill, knowledge, and talent, as even the smallest mistake usually will not be correctable. Noble Lashes provides professional training courses in eyebrow microblading, after which you will be fully prepared to start practising it on your clients. Our expert staff will guide you through the process of applying permanent makeup during the theoretical part of the course. After finishing the first part of the course, you will then move onto the practical part, during which you will be able to test your knowledge and skills. The course provides information about all applicable health and work safety regulations, as well as the techniques of microblading and any contraindications.

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