If you're a stylist yourself, you surely know that in modern times, providing treatments related to your clients' eyelashes are a must for any successful beauty salon. Not only are things such as eyelash extensions and false eyelashes becoming more and more popular every year, but they are increasingly affordable, allowing a broad audience to enjoy them without overpaying. Many women decide to give up makeup for good, switching instead to eyelash extensions on a daily basis, as they do not require as much attention as a proper makeup would. With false eyelashes, you women don't have to spend hours upon hours in front of a bathroom mirror with mascaras, powders, shades, and foundations. Instead, they provide a glamorous look on their own, requiring visits to beauty salons only every couple weeks. However, to properly apply false eyelashes, there is plenty of application accessories that should be used by any aspiring beautician.

Are application accessories necessary?

If you want to achieve the best result when applying false eyelashes or eyelash extensions, the use of accessories is highly recommended, as they make the entire process much more comfortable. Not only will the work be easier on you as the beautician, but also on the client. It is of utmost importance that your client feels safe and comfortable during the procedure, as beauty treatments are something to enjoy and not something to be scared of. To improve the experience for your clients, Noble Lashes provides a range of useful application accessories, which can be used during the application of eyelash extensions. Our products are of the highest quality, allowing your client to relax without the worry of anything going wrong during the treatment.

What application accessories are recommended?

In our offer, you will find a wide selection of various application accessories, many of which can be used together. Combining different accessories will further increase the comfort and safety of the treatment, as well as making the final effect better. At Noble Lashes, you will find many types of accessories, including glue holders, which are one of the most commonly used accessories by stylists. It can be hard to get hold of your eyelash adhesive, especially if you don't have a designated accessory for it. While replacements can be used, eyelash adhesive tends to dry quickly on some materials. To prevent that, Nobel Lashes offers comfortable glue holders and glue holder rings. The transparent glue holder features special openings which gather the dripping glue and limit the mess made during the treatment. The glue holder rings are a step further, allowing you to always keep your eyelash adhesive close to you, which speeds up the treatments.

Application accessories that every stylist should use

Apart from glue holders and glue holder rings, Noble Lashes features a selection of premium accessories that will help you do your work as a stylist. We offer handy plates for eyelash extension treatments, which will keep everything you need for the procedure right on the back of your hand, or on your client’s forehead to keep it immobile. The handy plate allows you to easily keep track of the eyelashes you have used on your client, all the while keeping them close at hand for you to use. For all the eyelashes you won’t immediately need, Noble Lashes offers transparent eyelash cups available in various sizes. These cups have been specifically designed to make eyelash extension treatments easier, and their bottoms have been layer with a non-stick coating that prevents the lashes from sticking to the container.

Noble Lashes - tapes, brushes, wands, and more!

At Noble Lashes, you will find disposable glue films, which are irreplaceable during eyelash extension treatments. These protective films are applied on surfaces you plan to drip eyelash adhesive on, preventing the glue from drying too quickly. They can be used on any plastic surface, but also on jade and crystal. It also helps to keep them clean, as you won’t have to scrub them after you’re done with the glue - all you have to do is throw away the disposable film! The film is very thin, which retains the low-temperature of jade that prevents glue from settling. However, even though it is thin, it is also very durable, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally ripping it apart during the treatment.

Eyebrow tinkles and lash plates - everything you may need at Noble Lashes

During various cosmetic treatments, a stylist sometimes needs to remove unnecessary hair from the faces of their clients. Be it an unwanted hair on the neck or an eyebrow growing the wrong way, they should always be removed using sterile and professional equipment, such as the eyebrow tinkles provided by Noble Lashes. Our eyebrow tinkles easily remove any unnecessary hairs, as they are made from industrial-grade stainless steel with an additional stainless steel safety cover, which ensures that the blades don't get too close to the skin and cause cuts. If you're looking for other accessories that come in handy during eyelash extension treatment, we recommend taking a look at our lash plates with elastic rubber. These plates are easily strapped to your client's head, providing easy access to all your lashes - convenient and safe!

Crystal and jade stones - perfect accessories for holding eyelash adhesive

Whether you are a professional beauty salon owner or a beginner stylist, eyelash adhesive is something necessary in almost any type of cosmetic treatment that revolves around eyelashes. However, when stored and applied without care, the glue quickly settles and becomes unusable. To avoid that, professional beauticians use jade and crystal stones, the cold surface of which prevents eyelash adhesive from drying and settling. You can find high-quality jade stones and crystal stones at Noble Lashes, covered in a special coating to keep glue beaded on their surface. To increase their effectiveness even further, we recommend using them in combination with glue films.

Noble Lashes - more than just application accessories

While our selection of application accessories includes dozens of premium items, it isn't even close to our store's full offer! Apart from accessories, we provide the highest quality eyelashes, both in bulk and in smaller trays and palettes. You will also be able to find a range of the finest cleaners, removers, and primers, which every respectable stylist should use before their treatments. Removers will allow you to easily clean any glue residue from your clients' eyelashes, which may have remained from their previous treatments. After removing the glue, a cleaner can quickly wash the eyelashes of any dirt and oil. Finally, applying a primer before the treatment increases the durability of the false eyelashes, making them stick better, and further improves the quality of the treatment. Always remember to use all the necessary accessories and appliances during your treatments to guarantee satisfaction to your clients, as their happiness and contentment should be your priority!

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