Strip and Individual Lashes

If what you're looking for is a quick and efficient way to create the perfect going-out look without spending hours upon hours in front of a mirror with a set of cosmetics, strip and individual lashes may be just perfect for you. Not only do they take a couple of minutes to put on - a fraction of what a full-on makeup takes - but they can give you an enticing, sophisticated look for an affordable price. At Noble Lashes we value quality and safety, which is exactly why our products go through rigorous testing before they reach the market. We want to provide you with the best quality makeup products, including individual eyelashes, but also the materials for starting your very own beauty salon.

Are false eyelashes for me?

Of course! Anyone can use false eyelashes to enhance their appearance. There are so many types and designs of individual eyelash extensions, that everyone can be certain to find something that will suit them. Choosing an eyelash type can be quite difficult, especially if you're not a professional. However, with just a little initiative and work you will be able to find yourself a pair of perfectly fitting false lashes that will complement your face and highlight the natural beauty of your eyes. Our offer includes eyelashes of different volumes, shapes, sizes and colours. We make sure to include lashes of every variety - both the subtle type, where it is hard to tell whether they are false or natural, as well as more glamorous, explicit ones, which provide the so sought-after “red carpet” look.

What if I want something in-between?

We might have the perfect product for you! If you want something in the middle, between the stylishness of the natural lashes and glam of the long, artificial lashes, we recommend you go with the "long and short" lashes, which alternate between the length of individual hairs. These eyelashes will give you a nice glam effect, while still maintaining the overall authentic appearance of natural lashes. However, when it comes to artificial eyelashes, there is so much more to choose from! If you want a bold look, go with full volume lashes, which have much thicker placement of individual bristles. These sorts of eyelashes are perfect for less formal events, such as casual home parties or a night of clubbing.

Individual lashes or strips?

One of the most popular techniques of applying lashes is to apply them with strips, as it is extremely easy to do so and takes only a couple of seconds. However, before you even begin, make sure you clean every remnant of your previous makeup and wash your face. If you don’t, the lashes may not stick as they should. Next, since strip lashes are made to fit everyone, they may be a little longer than you would need. Bring the strip close to your eyelid, so that you can see whether it fits or needs to be cut. If it turns out to be too long, grab a pair of scissors and make a precise trim. If your eyelashes do not have adhesive on them, you will need to place it yourself (you can find quality eyelash glue at Noble Lashes). To do this, place a small thread of adhesive along the rim of the strip. Wait a couple of seconds for the glue to settle. To make applying the glue easier, you can use a small toothpick. Finally, hold down your eyelid with one hand, while you apply the strip with the other. We recommend using tweezers, as this makes the process significantly easier. And that’s it, your new gorgeous eyelashes are ready!

What if I want something more natural?

Sometimes, strip eyelashes are just not enough. Mascara can sometimes help, making strip lashes seem thicker and longer, but adding individual eyelashes makes the whole look more natural and complete. Individual lash extensions do take time, but the results will be well worth it. With these, you will need eyelash glue as well as a pair of tweezers, which usually come with the packaging. It's also worth mentioning that there are two colours of eyelash glue - black and white. You usually want to go with white glue, which gets transparent after it dries and isn't noticeable. Black glue remains black even after it dries, which might be a better choice for heavy makeup or a specific look. Make certain you buy lashes that reflect your natural eyelash colour, or otherwise, they might end up looking unnatural. As with strip eyelashes, use makeup remover to clean your face first. While some argue that you should apply your makeup first and then do your lashes, it is better, in fact, to do the lashes first, since you want a clean surface for the lashes to stick properly. 

How to prepare for individual lash extensions?

The first step is to pour a small amount of eyelash adhesive on something you can later throw away, such as a piece of aluminum foil or a lid. However, before you start applying the glue to the lashes, grab a pair of tweezers and hold the lashes to your natural eyelashes to see how they fit. You will get a better idea of where to place each bristle that way. You will also notice that the individual lashes you purchased vary in length - that is exactly the way they are supposed to be, since your natural eyelashes also come in a whole range of lengths. For the most natural effect, play a bit with the lashes - mix and match lashes of different lengths. The smallest of the lashes are supposed to be placed on the inside corners of your eyes, as well as a filler, while the longer ones go in the middle and outer edges.

And how to actually apply them?

Once you have chosen which lashes you will be using, pluck them from the packaging using tweezers. Put the tip of the lash in the glue you have previously poured, and wait about fifteen seconds. Then, stick the lash right above where your natural lashes begin. You can apply them to both your top and bottom lashes, but keep in mind that only works well with natural lashes, as synthetic ones do not look so good on the bottom eyelid. If you make a mistake, you can quickly revert it before the glue begins to dry. However, if you’re too late and the glue is already tacky, wait around ten minutes for the glue to dry completely, after which remove the unwanted lashes with a pair of tweezers. 

Are false eyelashes multi-use?

Yes! Noble Lashes offers multiple-use eyelashes, which you can take off and reuse after you’re done with them for the day. Keep in mind, however, that even though you can reuse the eyelashes, they still do degrade and it is usually advised to use new bristles after a few times. To make this easier, we provide packagings of individual lashes in varying amounts, including bulk, which is much handier for professionals and salon owners. We offer a large choice of some of the best individual lashes available on the market, including a variety of designs and types of lashes. Our products feature both short lashes and long lashes, but we also provide unique designs with handmade bristle patterns, which utilize a combination of short and long strands. These patterns allow for a virtually infinite number of combinations, which are sure to fit the requirements of even the most demanding client! If you can’t find a product that suits you, make sure to contact us, and we might work something out. 

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