Swarovski Lashes

Sometimes, plain eyelash extensions are just not enough. Sometimes, you need something much more sophisticated and glamorous to highlight your eyes with during an important event. Noble Lashes presents something truly unique and breathtaking – Swarovski lashes. These lashes are perfect for women who are aiming for a dramatic effect with their makeover, as they combine two of the things beloved by women all over the world – crystals and gorgeous eyelashes. These unusual beauties have been crafted with care to provide quality and durability, and the crystals are very lightweight which means they won’t be a burden on your eyes. Choose Swarovski lashes today and let yourself be amazed by their reflective design.

What are Swarovski lashes?

Here at Noble Lashes, we want to introduce innovation to the world of cosmetics and makeup. We develop our products to provide new experiences to both stylists and their clients. To achieve this, we have decided to go a step beyond regular eyelashes – we produced eyelashes with Swarovski Stones attached to them, creating a product that overshadows even the most luscious regular makeover. With these eyelashes, you will look like a movie star at the premiere of their newest hit, or a famous artist on the opening of a gala. If you’re a beauty salon owner, adding Swarovski lashes to your collection will allow you to distinguish yourself among other salons, providing something that others usually don’t. Become a true beauty guru to your clients with these gorgeous eyelash extensions!

Swarovski lashes – wonderful to look at, easy to apply

Not only do our unique Swarovski lashes look amazing, but they are also incredibly easy to apply. A skilled professional should have no problems with the application process of the lashes, but it should also provide no problems to a beginner stylist. All of our lashes are packaged carefully, utilizing handy palettes in which individual eyelashes are placed. The eyelashes are gently glued to the bottom of the packaging, using a high-quality tape. The tape is very delicate, allowing you to easily take the lashes out, both individually and when grouping them together for more volume. The eyelashes themselves are available in a selection of colours, allowing you to further customize the treatment to your clients’ needs. 

What are eyelash extensions?

If you’re a newcomer to the world of beauty and makeovers, you should know about the gorgeous effects that eyelash extensions can achieve when done properly. The treatment itself utilizes small brands of artificial eyelashes, which are then applied to your natural ones. One eyelash can be applied to each one of your lashes, but more than one can be used as well. Those techniques allow the stylists to create a more voluptuous effect, increasing the volume to a much higher extent than a regular mascara would allow. Moreover, eyelash extensions done at a professional beauty salon are of much better quality than strip eyelashes applied at home. That being said, if you don’t have time to visit a beauty salon – Noble Lashes provides a selection of premium strip eyelashes for you to use in time of need!

Bring new life to your beauty salon with our Swarovski lashes

Many beauty salon owners and stylists struggle with introducing new treatments and methods of application to satisfy their restless audience of clients. The taste of women all over the world, when it comes to makeovers, is becoming more and more daring and courageous, proving to be a challenge to many inexperienced beauticians. If you want to spruce up the offer of your beauty salon, add Swarovski lashes to the list. These little beauties are a perfect element of carnival makeovers, proving great for costume parties. Moreover, Swarovski lashes produced by Noble Lashes are very elegant and work perfectly with stylisations aimed at official events or wedding receptions.  Whatever the occasion may be, your clients’ will surely love the glamorous effects of the Swarovski lashes!

What to wear for official events?

While many clients decide to improve their day-to-day makeover with the addition of eyelash extensions, a lot of them are not aware of all the available options which are used to create a more dramatic effect. Some occasions, like a wedding, require something really special that will make everybody else in the room speechless. That is why women give their trust to skillful stylists and beauticians, who use more than just makeup to make their clients look glamorous. To achieve the desired effect, eyelash extensions are very often used, and there is a wide variety of sophisticated models to use for dramatic makeovers. One of these models are Swarovski lashes, which are carefully adorned with tiny Swarovski Stones that reflect light every time you blink, bringing the attention of everyone around you!

Noble Lashes – more than just Swarovski lashes

Even though we are very proud of our Swarovski lashes, we also provide a wide range of other premium beauty products, including a whole lot of eyelash extension types! From ECO Volume lashes to Russian Volume lashes, to artificial Mink eyelashes, our website is a true paradise for stylists looking for quality supplies. Apart from regular 1:1 eyelashes, we offer eyelashes which are applied using volumetric methods, between 2D and 5D, in which more than one eyelash is attached to a single eyelash of the client. However, our offer is not limited to just eyelashes! We offer a variety of cosmetic supplies for beginner stylists and professional salons alike, including eyelash adhesives, cleansers, primers, tweezers, removers, and other application accessories!

Boos your business with Noble Lashes!

Noble Lashes caters to professional businesses, as we make sure all of the products are up to par to compete with the most expensive brands on the market, all the while staying affordable and efficient. If you want to improve your salon and introduce new techniques to your offer, Noble Lashes provides a wide variety of supplies and accessories. Apart from eyelash extensions and regular skincare products, we offer products for microblading, henna tinting, and eyelash perm and lifting. We also feature a range of promotional materials and publications, including client surveys, which can be used to boost the attractiveness of your business to clients. 

Beauty courses at Noble Lashes

If you’re planning to become a professional stylist yourself, you’ve come to the right place! Noble Lashes offers a variety of training courses aimed at beginner beauticians who want to improve their skillset. Even if you’re already a salon owner, learning new techniques and treatments is a great way to appeal to your clients. Our expert stylists will share with you the secrets of their craft, and at the end of the course, you will be granted a certificate, which will allow you to introduce a given treatment to your salon.  For more information, we invite you to browse our website, where you can browse our complete offer.

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